Counterfeit Art

by Marigold

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This project is called Marigold. It’s a meeting of crossroads, a combination of free time and a feeling of insufficiency. Some of these songs came into this world years ago, and were re-imagined in 2016 in a different light, and others were purely born in the now.
It started with my first Buffalo winter completely alone. Despite Django’s beautiful companionship I felt a large void that I started to fill with song, initially never meant for anyone’s ears but mine and his. But as they grew, I noticed that I felt passionately about them, more than I had ever before felt about songs I had written in earlier years. There was always this disconnect, a settlement in my brain that they were automatically “sub-par”. But this year has been about new beginnings, and about growing into my own. So I chose to dismiss that assumption.
When I decided I wanted to write a record, I started exploring my brain for inspiration, and for stories, but came up very, very dry. The only thing I felt passionately about at the time was the primal need deep down to create a work of art solely on my own to prove to, whoever, (honestly, probably just my stubborn self) that I was a validated and worthy musician. So, taking a step back, I decided to just write about the irony of that in itself. And thus, “Counterfeit Art” was born.
As far as I’m concerned, this chapter of my life is now closed. But it’s cool to see it documented so intricately. I’ve never had that before. I hope you enjoy hearing about the past year of my life. I think it’s safe to say that 2016 was a trying year for the human race across the board, but it’s over now. Love and light will shine through, and the world will smile collectively again.


released February 3, 2017

Written by Benjamin Lieber
All instruments recorded by Benjamin Lieber
All vocals recorded by Benjamin Lieber
Bass recorded by Alexander Matos
Additional vocals on "With That I Was Sold" recorded by Zoe Scruggs
Additional drums on "Salt" recorded by Jordan Walker
Engineered and Produced at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY by Jay Zubricky
("E&T" Recorded at Barbershop Studios in Hopatcong, NJ, & mixed by Jay Zubricky)
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at the Cannon Sound Foundation
All visuals created by Samuel Lieber at S.J.L. Photography
Album Artwork taken at the Niagara Gorge Whirlpool in Niagara Falls, NY.
MODELS: Lauren McLaughlin, Lukas Weinstein, Marli Parish, Chance Parish



all rights reserved


Marigold Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Multnomah
I saw the west
I kissed Columbia
I kept my head
next to Multnomah
And as I got
To the peak of things
I looked down
To where my feet should’ve been
But they weren’t there all along, I was floating along to the winds of Oregon

I’ll hold the weight
I’ve been floating just fine
That’s all I’ll be, just a cool breeze
Just a shiver down your spine
I’ll leave a trace
A trail for you to find
Your way back to 302, the box you left behind

I’m treading water, hoping not to drown
You’ll keep being fake if it helps you gain a crowd

I’ll bite off my tongue to try and act mature
Nothing helps, you’ll find a way to give me words and give me hurt

So maybe I’ll try and be totally different
Change who I am to be nothing, yet perfect for you
Track Name: Counterfeit Art, Pt. 2
Is there a place for me?
When will you choose to believe?
Where will we go from here?
I’m sick of standing at the gates
But never entering
“Just give it up” you said
“Keep it in your head”

Peremptory creation
Force a revelation
Not for personal fulfillment, stop lying to yourself
This is for all the others
You are so desperate for love
A shallow, surface summer sun

Where I scratched out every line but one
“Genuine art is over”
Wanted to release what I claimed was inside of me
A wilting peony
Prosperic irony

A tattoo that fades away
Wasn’t meant for anything
Sedate me, degrade me, levitate me
Throw me away, what a waste of energy

Won’t let myself feel anything
Track Name: Days Bleed Into Months, Bleed Into Years
Two worlds away
Not in love with the way I don’t see productivity
in a 40 hour week
Days start to bleed, into months, into years
A different point of fear

Where everything seems so utterly unclear
And I don’t know why I’m still here
Pointless accolades, a slight increase in pay
I’ll get to my dreams another day

I’m holding my breath
For something to come next
Maybe another opportunity
To start over again
Not an if, but a when
A chance to be that man inside my head

I’m sick to my stomach from all the time I spent
A superficial summit, there’s no light at the end
A 30 minute unpaid break,
A heart to bleed, my soul to take
Like I’m just fucking giving it away
Track Name: Foothold
I’m always cleaning up your messes
Taking advantage of my good nature
You’re inconsistent, I’m submissive
Always walking away feeling lost and not understood

Shifted the stones to build you a foothold
Just to end up all alone

A tarnished name by proxy
I came home again
And everything changed,
There was no “we” anymore
It’s not the same,
I guess you changed your mind again
And made me wait around for you to decide

Seems like when everything changed and it fell apart,
It made some room for undistracted focus,
Maybe it was for the best

I exhausted my energy
In being enemies
With anyone who ever crossed me
Instead of creating a scenery
I exhausted my effort and disregarded my complacency
In everyone else’s dreams but mine

They take what they need, and leave me out to dry.
Track Name: Salt
If I could change the pace of this world
Then I would
Make my mistakes unrestrained
I won’t regret them, though I should
What’s the name of the man that stands where I once stood
Can’t tell you where I’ve been,
Wish that I could

Stay home, and put my lust on a shelf so I’ll just
Let go, keep all my limbs to myself If I’m just
Left alone, it’s safe, selfish I know
But I can’t seem to stand too well on my own

A grain of salt
In a sea of snow
How am I supposed to grow
When I’m drowning financially, I know
That I can’t even start a savings
It’s hard for me to blame things
Not on myself, but on my lust
For holding on way too long
Track Name: I Built It All On A Lie
Your silver car
Through the long straight night
He talks to you, through the radio
“Son, you call this a life? There’s no love in a lie”

When there’s no vision of error
In the common way, to the common man
How can we expect motivation
To shift the pieces
And break the mold?

Seven hours in the wrong direction
Where are you heading now?
Another coastal town
Maybe this time, I’ll build my empire right
So I can sleep at night

You realize, your eyes were closed the whole time
As you drift asleep at the wheel
“The whole world’s mine”, you told yourself when you were younger
Now you’re old and all alone
With nothing to call your own
Not even a family back in the city,
Betty found a man who cares more than me

I need someone who will sit
I need someone who will stay
Be a reactor when I need
I’ll go when I please
But you will stay right where you are

You love being the stranger
You love knowing it all
Let the lust of capitalistic casualty remind you
There’s nothing you can keep,
There’s nothing you can leave behind
Without your name scratched under the lid
Of the box you keep your secrets in
Filled to the brim
But you can’t win
Guess you’ll have to start all over again
Track Name: White Picket Fence
I’ll stow my feelings in boxes
Upstairs in the corner of the attic
And I’ll go, if that’s what you wanted
Keep my distance the farthest
I won’t check up on your progress
Even though I’d die for just a little contact
They say I’ll grow with all this time,
But everyone knows that to grow you need another life

I’ll crawl out with my tail bent
Hold my breath, pull my chest in
I’m building walls only so you’ll care enough to break them down

Hold on to what you’re weighing
Because we’re more than just a stupid lesson

You know, the songs we write when we’re young aren’t so bad
What’s the point in missing all this time we have?
I’ll break all of these promises if it means I can come back to you
But what’s a lonely wanderer to do?